I am Silvia, Cloto Acherontia in art. I was born in Italy in 1992. Since I was little I have been always messing around with colours… all over the places!

Clothes, walls, furnitures! I couldn’t stop myself. Growing older, this instinct turned into a real passion for Art. My curiosity was constantly pushing me into experimentation and creation, through the use of different medias. Art is therapy, passion, constant challenge with myself.It’s my vocation.

Once I have got my degree in painting at the university of fine art in Bologna in 2015, I have decided to explore the tattoo world . On my opinion tattoo artists have got such a great responsibility: turning bodies into reflection of people’s souls. We have the power to turn dreams, fear, ideas into paintings on skin. And I am so greatful to have such amazing honour.

I mainly do realistic tattoos and line work tattoos. Also I like Neotraditional style. When Endre goes for tattoo conventions like Liverpool, Manchester, London, Northlakes most of the time I’m there as his helper. 2017‘s Northlakes tattoo show was the first where I was tattooing too. Things I like being a tattoo artist are the everyday challenges, the opportunity to develop and I can use my creativity a lot. As a person I’m very social and get emotional not only on Disney animations but even on action movies too. I love cats and mermaids.

My work is mainly based on illustrations on a sketchy style. I love using vibrant lines that donate a dynamic flow to the pictures, like they would be alive! However I also like mixing these teqniques and topics into realism,as I am a big fun of classic Art (I would like to mention Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo in particular).


I am very excited to meet you all!

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