Eva Szolnoki

Hello. My name is Eva Szolnoki. Just call me Evi. I was born in Hungary in 1985. Since I am able to remember I love to draw.

After elementary I wanted to study in art school however my parents were against it. Their thoughts were conservative about tattoos and tattooed people and Art is useless, they said.

When I was 20, I decided to try my luck in London. I worked in Caf├ęs, clothes stores and even in a care home, and I always felt that none is the right place for me. Then in May 2015 I started my new adventure therefore I applied for tattoo apprenticeship at Tattooend London. It was a tough time but I had my boyfriend at my side supporting me. I belive it was written that the same time Endre was looking for a new apprentice. Since i have been Endre‘s apprentice i show a good progress in drawing and tattooing. I could not ask for a better mentor than him.

I mainly do realistic tattoos and line work tattoos. Also I like Neotraditional style. When Endre goes for tattoo conventions like Liverpool, Manchester, London, Northlakes most of the time I’m there as his helper. 2017‘s Northlakes tattoo show was the first where I was tattooing too. Things I like being a tattoo artist are the everyday challenges, the opportunity to develop and I can use my creativity a lot. As a person I’m very social and get emotional not only on Disney animations but even on action movies too. I love cats and mermaids.

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