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My name is Endre Szabo, I am Hungarian, born and raised in the capital Budapest.

I started in the Tattooing industry about 16 years ago in 2000, and have about 12 years experience as an working artist. I have worked in studios across the world (Hungary, Austria and New Zealand) and now own my own studio in London called TattooEnd. Three of us are in residence - myself, my colleague Eva Szolnoki and my Junior Artist Vivien Vámosi. You can see examples of their work in the Tattoo Galleries on this site.

I'm interested in realism within my work, but more of an artistic realism as opposed to photo-realism, as I like an artistic touch within my tattoos. At TattooEnd we only perform custom Tattoo designs, which means that every piece of work done is unique to you, this is important to us as artists and to you the customer as it means you will have a piece that is truly yours.


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