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Hi Guys,

My name is Vivien. I am originally from Hungary and was born in 1993. I have been drawing since I was able to grab a pencil. I started my art studies at the age of 8 and art was always what moved me till I graduated from Art College at age 18. I decided to move to London after finishing my studies in 2013. Soon after I had my first tattoo done. While I was watching the artist tattooing me it was so intresting I realised i have to learn how to do skin art. I think it's a challenging opportunity to give someone a piece of tattoo that will be worn forever.
I started looking for tattoo artist apprenticeship in London, and luckily I met Endre Szabo, who introduced me to my future mentor, Emil Giczewski (Cross the line tattoo studio).
I started an apprenticeship at Cross The Line Tattoo studio in May 2016. I spent a lot of time in the studio, done lots of drawing and learnt different techniques.
My mentor, Emil, helped me develop my drawing skills and pushed me towards creative thinking. I became more open to different tattoo styles : one of my favourite new hobby was drawing funny new school cartoon figures.
My basic drawing skills were excellent but I needed to develop in using my imagination. Spending time with Emil really helped me a lot. I realised sometimes it is harder to come up with a really simple small design, than to “copy” an already existing picture. I could not be more grateful for Emil's help, support and constant pushing.
My style of drawing slowly started to change from realistic to sketchy / cartoonish lines , my designs became more colourful, vivid and interesting.

I wanted to find my way of impression. I was ready to design bigger pieces but i wanted to combine my new style with a realistic touch. Endre Szabo from Tattooend started to help me improve my vision in realistic tattoos in February 2017.He intoduced me to the realistic coloured tattoo world. I tattooed quite a few realistic pieces under his supervision.
I managed to became Junior artist after less than 1.5 years of hard work. I could not be happier. This is my dream job. Becoming a tattoo artist means that I can make permanent art for people. This is huge responsibility as there is no space for error. My mentors tought me well and I am ready to blossom.
Tattoos can make people feel happy and can even give them more confidence. Tattoos might not always have a meaning but when the person looks at it, has the feeling : I bloody love it, and it just looks awesome!:)
I always aim to design every piece to be timeless and unique. I see every tattoo request as a new challenge.
As for the future , I am planning to never stop learning. Tattooing is an art which can be so many-sided and so creative.
I could not wish for a better “job” than being an artist who is able to make people happy with her art ???? Please hit me with any ideas you have for your next tattoo for life. See u soon.

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