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Amazing weekend

We had an amazing weekend in September. On the last weekend of September there was a tattoo convention in London. One of the biggest one, if you didn't know that. Endre was tattooing all 3 days. Thursday evening we set up Endre's booth. Than wondered around and it was really cool to see the empty…
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London tattoo convention is calling

London tattoo convention is calling us this weekend, on the 28-29-30th September. The 14th edition of The International London Tattoo Convention is the most exciting, anticipated and resoundingly successful celebration of body art in the world. There will be hundreds of great artist from around the world. Loads of entertainment for the visitors. Opportunities to…
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Evolution Hi Folks, Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day so far. Today we’d like to tell you about our Tattoo machine history. Last week, when we had a quiet day in the tattoo studio, we started to talk about how our machines, NOT GUNS are working and in 5 minutes we had everyone’s old machines…
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New tattoo artist

New tattoo artist in Tattooend Well well summer is here, hope you all enjoy British summer, with all that glory and miserablity. It looks like almost all the 4 seasons happens to appear. Hence it is the reason we love it, don’t we? They say Spring is the time of new beginning. It looks like…
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