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Tattoo Collaboration

Tattoo collaboration kind of by three  tattoo artist and one client. Last week we had a spontaneous collab where the 3 of us got the chance to tattoo this brave client. Brian is Endre's client. He is extraordinary as he sat for 2 days in a row. First day Endre tattooed a huge skull on…
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Vienna tattoo convention

There was the 14th Vienna tattoo convention in November. What happened in Vienna: Endre took part on the 14th Tattoo convention in Vienna, Austria. He was with the amazing team of Wild Art Factory (Gerhard, Csaba, and Dora) and 2 other artists from Hungary who are regular guest artists in this Vienna based Tattoo studio. It was…
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Tattoo convention Vienna 2017.

On the Tattoo Convention in Vienna, Austria Endre is going to be tattooing. Furthermore he will be with the amazing Wild Art Factory team, based in Vienna. Endre has been going for guest spotting for over 5 years every 3rd month to Vienna. He used to attend on the convention in Vienna, but then after…
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